The non-profit organization Good Shepherd - Jó Pásztor - Dobrý Pastier was founded in 2004 in Pribeník in order to establish and operate a foster home. The idea to build and operate an orphanage came from a 9years old little boy, who lost his mother at three and in January of the mentioned year his father too. We managed to put him to an orphanage of the organization Good Shepherd - Jó Pásztor -Dobrý Pastier in Jelka, where he feels good and is surrounded by love and slowly his soul gets healed. The original plan of the Pribeník's non-profit organization Good Shepherd - Jó Pásztor - Dobrý Pastier was to create a family-type foster home, which unfortunately, from establishing the organization (2004), met with many unforeseen obstacles. Such an obstacle was securing funding as well. Tasks overcome our forces, but we believed in the Lord and help of people of good will, trying to face the difficult economic situation, yet we know the difficult financial situation of our region. Efforts and patient work of our supporters brought its fruit this spring, when the needed amount of Money was put together, from which we bought one property in the municipality the village of Pribeník (26.555, - EUR).

In summer 2010, after a tender, we were finally able to partially reconstruct the house with the support of the Office of Prime Minister of Hungary. Based on the currently valid legislation a social institution was founded and on December the 12th 2012 the house was consecrated by the Bishop of the Reformed Christian Church in Slovakia, Laszlo Fazekas.
On January the 1st, the Košice district Office of social affairs gave us the permission to operate the social institution operated by the Non-profit organization Good Shepherd - Jó Pásztor - Dobrý Pastier that provides transitional housing for single mothers and their children.
The non-profit organization acts as a temporary home for the children and their mothers. It helps them build a single, economically independent life.
Mothers may apply for admission to the home on their own, either in person or by telephone or by letter. The reason for acceptation can be financial - financial problems (difficulties of life, inadequate housing conditions, and termination of the lease), conflicts, and violence within the family, abuse, secret pregnancies, and others. Most of the problems within the family appear one by one.
In our social institution, single parents may usually stay no longer than 3 months, but in reasonable cases this time may prolong up to one year. The device gives accommodation to mothers and their children in 5 single rooms (altogether fro 15 persons). We try to provide a family atmosphere to our residents.
The social center works as a complete organization. There are social workers, a psychologist, lawyer, teacher, economist, doctors available and last but not least also Mgr. Szabóné Kozár Éva, the pastor and founder of the non-profit organization, who helps the mothers to strengthen their faith and belief and provides mental help.
Our goal is, firstly, to create such an environment to the residents that they will live in safety. We provide help to overcome difficult life situations. By our work, we are also given a lot of support - mental, material and other support that we receive with love and thanks. To be the organization able to work properly, we secure the most of financial funds by our own. Sine the state donates us only to be able to provide our services to 8 persons, it is very uneasy to develop and beautify our institution. Therefore we will kindly receive any support from other supporters and with love we ask for further financial help. Let the Lords kind blessing, love and grace accompany the life of every kind-hearted donor.
We believe that anything what anyone can provide to the home of abandoned children and their mothers in difficult social situation is a demonstration of pure love, faith and heart-opening strength. Hoping in your self-sacrifice, we will receive on behalf of the non-profit organization Good Shepherd - Jó Pásztor - Dobrý Pastier, anyone's kind help.
Our work is borderless; we would like to do everything to make the lives of our residents happier and easier. All of us who have chosen to deal with this foster home and a crisis center and things associated with them, conformed by the will of God, would also like to live the words of the Lord in our daily lives: „The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'“ (Mt, 25-40)
With brotherly love,
Szabóné Kozár Éva ref. priest, 2024
Account number:
Slovenská Sporiteľňa, fil. Kráľovský Chlmec
055 20 44 933/0900
IBAN: SK17 0900 0000 0005 5204 4933 SWIFT: GIBASKBX